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Indicative Prices and Fees

You will want to see a selection of indicative prices and fees before we go too far.  It is equally important for you to note comments in our clients’ testimonials, several of whom remark on the savings made from our trade discounts and supplier negotiation – to the extent that these alone have paid for our fees.  That is in addition to the time and other savings that our service brings.

Our interior design and project management fees are explained in more detail below.  Indicative prices from actual home renovations can be found by clicking here.

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Here are some figures to give you an idea of typical fees for our interior design and project management services.

Stage 1:  The initial consultation is FREE.

Stage 2:  Our design fee starts at £600+VAT per space for a straightforward reception room or bedroom design. Kitchens and bathrooms start at £950+VAT. The actual price depends on the project’s complexity, location, and the anticipated effort to co-ordinate quotations from the different parties involved. We offer significant discounts when asked to design several rooms concurrently.

The price for Stage 2 includes the new floorplan, electrical overlay, and initial details of fittings, cabinetry, appliances, sanitaryware, furniture, flooring, lighting, heating, storage, paint finish, tiles, window dressing, home entertainment;  everything required for the space.  It also includes a technical specification (if required for a contractor to price against), budgetary estimate and management of any competitive tender.

Stage 3:  Our project management fee will be between 10-15% of the implementation price, but does depend on the total project value.  As a guide, our clients spend between £8000 and £20 000 on a reception room or bedroom, between £12 000 and £25 000 on a bathroom and £15 000 to £60 000 on a kitchen.

Whole house refurbishments are typically between £100 000 – £250 000 (although we have priced one at £450k).  For a flat or apartment this would be around £50 000, but everything is dependent on the numbers of rooms, extent of works and choice of fixtures and fittings.

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Before closing, we’d like to point out that ours is a total service.  Compared to a high street retailer who might sell you a kitchen, we also design for heating, lighting, flooring, decoration, associated building works and other factors that comprise the finished renovation.  A retailer may suggest a kitchen fitter to fit the units and appliances, but it is for you to find all the other trades;  we co-ordinate all contractors and suppliers and deliver the finished scheme.

Click here to see indicative prices from real property renovations over the past 11 years.

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