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Project Management

Most clients engage us to design and deliver their entire home renovation, which starts with concepts and designs, then extends to project managing the complete implementation.  For those who already have a design, we also offer a separate project management service to manage the build. In this way we can still impart our interior design knowledge to the finishes whilst overseeing the contractors.

project management - Style Within provides project management services to oversee home renovation and interior design work

This applies to a whole build, or just a single room, like this kitchen below, which we designed, supplied and project managed.

new modern white kitchen

house renovation project management

We prefer to be engaged from the start of a project. Logically, the person who created the design, and who has the vision of the completed scheme, should see the project through from start to finish.  That’s what we normally do.  This begins with initial concepts, progressing to design and then to planning approval for more extensive projects. In this, we engage structural engineers, architects, and Party Wall surveyors.  We then carry out tender assessments and oversee contractors and trades.  Alternatively we just manage suppliers of furnishings and fittings for smaller projects.  In these cases we are intimately involved in all the details from beginning to end.

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project Management for Interior Design Projects

Nick has managed multi-billion pound mega-projects in his previous life and now applies those principles to more creative house renovations with a significantly shorter timeframe! The basic approach is the same whether the project value is £10m or £10 000. You have a contract, create a schedule, plan the resources, and make funds available.  You then ensure the project runs to schedule, manage people, oversee deliveries, check quality, manage change and monitor payments.

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Whilst the contract for quality, timescale and price remains between the client and contractor, we act as contract administrator.  We co-ordinate activities on a day to day basis, checking communication between all parties.  With our additional interior design knowledge, we offer advice on sources for furnishings and fittings as we go along.

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Project management fees

As a guide, our project management fees are typically 10-15% of the total price of the project.



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