roman blinds and dress curtainsbedroom with teal pleated blindsdress curtain with roman blind

Cost of Window Dressing

If you are looking to freshen up your home and want to know the cost of window dressing, there are many options available to you, depending on your budget. Our interior design company creates beautiful homes for our clients. Most of our work involves some form of window dressing and we’ve gathered cost data which we are happy to share with you.

Below we show a number of indicative costs from some of our previous designs which we hope will help you to budget. We show the cost of curtains, roman blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds and more. But before we dive into into specific figures, we offer some advice to help you understand how you can estimate your cost of window dressing.

architectural table lamp with blue chair

off the shelf or custom made curtains and blinds?

With a limited budget, you might buy a pole from a DIY shop and choose off-the-shelf curtains.  This can work perfectly well if you have the skills to adjust curtains and blinds to suit your windows.  If you can’t fit them yourselves, remember to factor in the cost of installation.

Most off-the-shelf curtains and blinds will not fit your windows precisely.  If your budget allows, you might ask a retailer to make curtains or blinds to your precise measurements.  Such retailers have a wide range of fabrics to choose from and the order can be delivered within a few weeks;  but you then need to fit the window dressing yourself. Similarly, there are many on-line sites selling blinds and curtains – you provide the measurements and within few days, your blind arrives.  Web-sites give details on how to measure accurately, so follow this advice and you’ll be fine.

sitting room overlooking Clifton Downs

If your budget extends further, you can choose your own fabric and take it to a curtain maker.  This is the basis of many of the prices quoted below to give you some idea of how they compare with off-the-shelf or retailer-made alternatives.  The advantage is that you can choose any suitable fabric you like.  You should ask the curtain maker to measure and hang your window dressing too. as they will have all the right tools and fixings and the wherewithal to overcome installation problems.

curtains or blinds, or both?

Because blinds use less fabric, you might choose a more expensive material for these, and spend less on the curtains – this works well in combination, because a plain curtain frames the more exquisite blind beautifully allowing it to stand out.

In addition to the size and number of windows, other factors that affect the cost of window dressing, include whether they are hand or machine stitched, the type of pleat, and whether lined or interlined.  For example, the french pleat below gathers nicely and creates more uniform folds when drawn, but is more expensive to produce than a simple pencil pleat.

triple pleat curtains

More ornate dressings include swags and tails;  in the image below we actually removed these curtains to create a more contemporary design, but the previous owners clearly wanted to set off this Georgian apartment with a period window dressing.

heavy silk curtains

Finally, don’t forget any holdbacks, tie-backs, tassels and hooks to dress your curtains when open.  The embrace is important – you’ll want it large enough to hold back the curtain allowing it to hang naturally without looking squashed.

total cost of window dressing

We make sure our clients understand the total cost of window dressing from where they start to when we’ve finished fitting the curatins, blinds or shutters.

The prices below are for budgetary guidance only and exclude VAT.

cost of window dressing

Cost of Curtains and Roman Blinds

cost of curtains and roman blinds

Sitting room roman blinds and dress curtains.  Cost of window dressing:

Long roman blinds x 4 – £2400

Dress curtains – £1100

Fitting, includes making and covering the fascia, hang and dress curtains – £300

Total:  £3800

contemporary bedroom design

Bedroom Curtains (note goblet pleat and the neat, efficient folds that this creates) – £800

Blind in high-end fabric – £1100, including fabric covered fascia and deluxe mechanism

Fitting – £180

Total:  £2050

circus sitting room

Drawing room – 3 roman blinds in mid-range fabric, incudes covered pelmets and delux headrail – £800 per blind

luxury bedroom fabrics

Bedroom window dressing:

roman blind with dress curtains

Bedroom curtains – velvet, lined, with french pleated heading (fabric £509;  making £300)  total £809

Roman Blind (2.3m wide) – black out lining (fabric £245;  making £268)  total £513

Curtain pole and rope tie backs (pole £226;  tie backs £74)  total £300

Fitting – £150

hotel-style bedroom

Bedroom roman blinds and mechanisms x 3 – £2400

Bedroom curtains x 3 pairs – £1800

Poles and holdbacks – £600

Includes fitting

Total:  £4800

Roman Blind

Roman blind (2018 price) and mechanism

Fabric  – £380

Make and fit – £285

Total:  £665 + VAT

bedroom after redecoration

Master bedroom – 5 roman blinds (one not visible to window on extreme left of photo) with deluxe mechanisms – £1500 inc fitting

More generally, bespoke roman blinds tend to range from £300 – £550 depending on fabric and size.

Cost of Roller Blinds

tiled in freestanding painted bath

This roller blind has a matching cassette cover – £195 inc fitting

small bathroom refurbishment

Hot pink roller blind – £95 inc fitting

photograph on window blind

Bathroom roller blind with bespoke image of Manhattan from supplied photograph – £290 inc fitting

Cost of Pleated Blinds

edwardian bay with pleated blinds

Duette honeycomb pleated blinds with smart cords (so no dangling strings) – £270 each single blind plus £20 fitting.

pleated blinds in a bay window

Duette honeycombe pleated blinds without smart cords (needs smaller cassette to fit narrower bay) and smaller blinds to the above – £200 each single blind plus £20 fitting.


edwardian sitting room in bath

Sitting room duette pleated blinds – £210 per blind plus £20 fitting

Cost of Vertical Blinds

small apartment kitchen

Vertical blind, 2.3m x 1.2m – £277

Vertical Blind Open

Vertical Blind (2018 price) – £625 + VAT (includes fitting) 3m x 2.1m

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