Home Office Design

With more people working from home, a home office design with ethernet is fast becoming a feature of many properties. Here is a selection that we have designed and installed.

with more people working from home, we design bespoke home office furniture and other installations

Making use of an old dining room

With the popularity of open-plan kitchen-diners, people often wonder what to do with the old dining room. This is a great opportunity to install a home office. In the photo above, we designed the oak veneer desk and shelving unit with lime green cabinetry to accommodate two work stations, with a third just visible on the right. We hid power sockets and RJ45 ethernet points behind the desk’s rear support panel, with cut outs for cable access.

The room is also equipped with matching bespoke storage furniture such as the dresser below.

bespoke dresser in oak veneer and lime green eggshell

Home office design Ideas

A home office doesn’t need to occupy a whole room, so consider spaces beneath the stairs, in an alcove or on a large landing. An attic room offers separation between your work space and the rest of the house. If you have a spare bedroom in an attic, perhaps you can also fit your work station in there.

loft conversion for home office

If you are embarking on a new build, a home office design should feature from the start. Make sure you include all the lighting, electrics and home network requirements. Below you can see us in the process of installing a bespoke fitted home office in american dark walnut with gloss cream doors and drawers.

dark walnut furniture fit

If you can’t find a dedicated space in your home, we design and make furniture that disguises the equipment. This may be more usual in a flat or apartment where space is at a premium. Below we designed this cabinet with electrics and storage in-keeping with the Georgian decor:

computer hidden in cabinet

It had to be situated in the dining area, so we made it look like a fancy cabinet. But when you open the centre section, you find the computer with pull out keyboard shelf to provide a knee space. Notice how we designed the doors to open and slide back into their slots to remain unobtrusive.

computer unit in disguise

Home office electrics

All of our designs include home network and communications around the home. The home office is usually a suitable location for the hub, although we’ve also fitted these in basements and in cupboards beneath the stairs. Our network diagrams position the router, network switch and a patch panel of RJ45 ports with ethernet cables connected to points around the home.

Within the office itself, you would have a telephone socket which may also connect to a fax. We install around 8-10 power sockets to avoid connector blocks; you always need more sockets than you think. These are positioned behind or adjacent to the desk to avoid trailing wires around the walls and over the floor. We also install two other sockets around the space for vacuuming and general use.

RJ45 network points

Home office furniture

There is plenty of choice on the market for desks, chairs and storage. We design bespoke home office furniture to fit precise spaces. Our designs incorporate cable management within the furniture, cut outs for sockets and modesty panels to hide the cables. You want your office to feel homely, even if it is bristling with technology. We have written a separate page on our ranges of bespoke furniture.

home office bepoke desk and storage in american dark walnut with black eggshell doors

home office working environment

You will find plenty of informed advice regarding health and safety when working from home. From an interiors viewpoint, check your seating for comfort and support, that the screen is at the right height and that you have plenty of light in the right places. For a bit more style, look up Eames EA117, 118, or 119 chairs and find one that suits your budget.

contemporary red office chair

Home office design

Your space should be comfortable and give the sense that you are actually working away from home. We have been designing interiors, including home offices, for the past 14 years. Ours is a total service, so if you think you need a home office in Bath or Bristol, we would design and install everything for you. If this is of interest, please read more about our interior design and renovation service.

home office desk and chair