Living Rooms

Living rooms still provide the hub for family life in many British homes. Traditional or contemporary, we’ve turned living rooms from the ordinary to the extraordinary; practical, but always with style.

a selection of living rooms - here, a traditional Edwardian sitting room

Living room design

A complete refurbishment gives you the chance to arrange your living room as you want it. You can solve those problems that have bugged you for years. If you’ve got a radiator that prevents you placing furniture against a wall, now is the time to move it.

Any room design starts with the floorplan. Draw your living room plan to scale noting heights of window cills, and radiator positions. Place your furniture as you would want, together with TV and other features.

colourful sitting room in bath

A complete renovation is also a good time to install more electric sockets in the right places, fit more lights where they are needed and install a home network.  For clients who love home entertainment, their sitting rooms will bristle with hidden equipment for multi-room music, audio-visual and surround sound systems.

home cinema equipment

living room decoration

Our living room designs have a neutral backdrop with colourful accents to punctuate the space. We love to combine patterned and textured fabrics to create an exquisite ensemble.

luxury cushions

We choose accent colours on the edge of each primary scale:  raspberry, fuchsia, lime, acid yellow, aqua, orange.  Zingy and zesty colours make a bigger impact in small doses. Indeed, we’ve written a dedicated page to decorating with accent colours.

Don’t forget the ceiling too – it takes up a lot of visual space.  Ceilings don’t have to be white; for a warmer feel to a room, you can paint the ceiling in with the walls.  One tip is to add 3 parts white to 1 part colour to obtain a true tone – but if you do this, mix up enough spare paint for touching up later. And you’ll find that fancy ceilings are on trend – panelling, fancy wallpaper and shapes make a real impact as you enter a room.

Similarly with the frieze between picture rail and cornice – they look good when toned down lighter than the main walls. Remember that if you paint the main wall a strong colour with a pale colour above the picture rail it will make the room feel lower.  The opposite is also true;  painting the frieze (and skirting!) the same colour as the walls will make the room feel higher.

Living room lighting

Good lighting makes or breaks a living room design. Layer the lighting – install circuits on dimmers, controlling the light to suit the mood.  Choose good quality dimmer switches to avoid that annoying buzz from cheaper models. For convenience, connect your table and floor standing lamps on a 5A lighting circuit so that all lights can be operated from a wall switch near the door.

Living Room Lighting

Look to fit lights in your furniture too. In the living room above we designed the alcove units to house low profile LED striplights in warm white to create a stylish ambience. On a separate page you can read about our home lighting design.

living room heating

Create a fantastic focal point in your living room with a statement fire. We installed this amazing contemporary fireplace on a false chimney breast. Our clients wanted to fit it round the corner for additional warmth but we persuaded them to give it pride of place.

architectural gas fire

Our suppliers sent us another photo of an even more elaborate version of this fire – a truly stunning piece which can be either gas or solid fuel.

contemporary designer fireplace

Most period living rooms in Bath and Bristol retain a traditional fireplace.  When they have been ripped out, we are often asked to replace them. Some are just for show, but others have a gas supply for use in winter.

sitting room fireplace

Some properties we find have no gas supply, so we fit stylish modern electric fires for that extra warmth.

contemporary wall hung electric fire

Below you can see another wall hung electric fire in this contemporary setting.

open plan seating


Living Room storage

Living rooms should have plenty of storage to keep the space uncluttered.  It can can be subtle, like this storage footstool …

storage footstool

or more obvious like this stylish sideboard

veneered sideboard

Use clever storage to hide equipment so that the room feels homely, but has plenty of gadgets, surround sound, music and TV to enjoy.

audio visual and hi fi alcove unit

Some clients prefer their home entertainment to be unobtrusive in a living room, so we devise solutions to hide TVs.  This wall unit has sliding doors, the purple reflecting the purple kitchen splashback at the other end of the space.

TV in bespoke wall unit

We design and install cabinetry for living rooms and have a separate page on this website for bespoke furniture.

colourful sitting room in bath

Living Room Flooring

Some of our sitting room designs have carpets for a cosy feel, while others have engineered oak floorboards. Natural oak (as above) gives warmth to a room;  aged oak (as below) is more rustic. A stylish rug softens the look of a wooden floor and improves the acoustics.  We have a separate detailed page on flooring options for the home.

dark oak flooring

living room furniture

We expose our clients to furniture they won’t see on the high street. It’s not more expensive; it’s just special.  We’ll team a statement fabric with a classic armchair, or position classic designer furniture that speaks for itself.

circus sitting room

Living room window dressing

Large windows form a big part of the visual space, so the dressing needs to look stylish when open and closed. A fantastic red velvet will look great when the curtains are open;  but when closed, you will just end up with a big red block of fabric!

In our view, solid fabric curtains are fine if they are a similar colour to the walls or will dress a patterned blind as in the bedroom design below.  Otherwise they should have a pattern to break up the solid look.

roman blinds and dress curtains

We also design roman blinds for living rooms.  You can choose a more expensive and exotic fabric for a roman blind because blinds use less fabric. When lined they offer a feeling of warmth, and make a real statement for the room. It is always good to make some scatter cushions from extra window dressing fabric.

If you still like the look of curtains, fit dress curtains as well – that combination features in the photo above; most of the heat then warms the room.  You can read more about our window dressing ideas here.

As you may have guessed, we have a more detailed page on choosing curtains and blinds.

living rooms

We have been designing living rooms in Bath and Bristol for the past 12 years as part of our home renovation appointment; ou can read some of our clients’ generous testimonials. Ours is a total service from initial concepts though to delivery of the fully furnished result, including any building work. If you think you may need some help with your design, please look further into our interior design and renovation services.

living room in Clifton Bristol