Noodle Bar Design

Our clients engaged us to produce an interior design for their new noodle bar. The scope then expanded to include a logo design and general colour scheme for their new brand.

noodle bar in Bath

We also helped design the signage for a gazebo and chalet hut to enable them to trade at a temporary outlet while plans went through for the new premises. We were pleased to see queues of customers lining up to taste the noodles, so the colours and signage are clearly working.

noodle bar chalet hut

For all commercial clients we stress the importance of consistency between company brand and the interior design of the premises. For these particular clients, we established their desire for a contemporary scheme, avoiding any excessive pastiche of Eastern decorative styles.

We surveyed the new premises noting access, plumbing and electrical services, taking information from the clients as to the number of hobs required and how they wished to move around the space.

noodle bar retail unit

First we laid out the kitchen and the counter area.  Sinks were already in place so we worked around these.  The initial requirement included a number of wok burners, a crepe maker, bain marie, coffee point, refrigerated drinks display and till as well as a general refrigerator and storage for deliveries.  This all had to fit within a secure space confined by two roller shutters which close at the end of the day.  We also identified several possible seating arrangements within the area beyond the kitchen to maximise the number of covers, allowing customers to be seen enjoying their food through the windows. They were also able to use space on the pavement adjacent to the cafe.

noodle bar kitchen  noodle bar  noodle bar restaurant

Our clients engaged equipment suppliers directly, and continued to review their menu over this period.  We amended the interior design to suit the changing requirement, based on equipment types requested.  We obtained dimensional data to be sure that the equipment would fit, with access to power sockets and lighting in the right places. We were also conscious of the location of the large extractor hood which would need to be made bespoke. We produced several floorplans to show what could be installed within this limited area whilst allowing the staff and customers sufficient access to move around the space.

noodle bar prep area

The internal layout may yet evolve further over time as the clients settle into their routine.

noodle bar dining area

Because of its location at the far end of a high street and across a busy road, we needed to attract peoples’ attention to the noodle bar visually – so we decided on orange as a key component.  People seeking directions could then be told “you’ll see the orange signs”.  Blue is a good foil for orange, and with the blue floor already an integral part of the new premises, an orange and blue combination was agreed upon.

shop signage for noodle bar

We kept the font really simple for the logo, deciding against any Far East typography.  We experimented with a number of options but quickly focused on chopsticks picking out the “O”s in the word “noodle”.  We proposed two exterior views with applique advertising on the windows and agreed that the larger lettering was best, again to attract attention because of its location.

noodle bar logo

With the temporary outlets having proved successful, the new premises is now thriving.  We enjoyed lunch their recently and certainly left for home fully sated.  If you happen to be travelling to Bath you can find the noodle bar located at one end of Bath Bus Station.