Cloakroom Refurbishment, Bath

Untouched since the 1980s, this cloakroom refurbishment led us to remove a large storage cupboard and a dated suite. The brief was to transform it to a cool, modern space. We planned a hotel chic interior design with stone wall and vinyl floor tiles.

We would have to agree that we are very pleased with the end result.

Hugh and Marie, Bath

With the floor plan, fixtures and lighting scheme agreed, we engaged a contractor to carry out the renovation.  Having stripped out te existing space, construction of the new arrangement started.  We chose real stone grey tiles for the feature walls whilst the spiral radiator became the real focal point.

We designed a flexible lighting scheme, with different lights for different moods and effects.  Together with innovative storage, the cloakroom is now stylish, functional and practical.

We were also asked to improve the decor on the first floor landing.  We created a space bordered by silk drapes with red beads and reupholstered two Louis style chairs in complimentary colours.  The radiator was concealed behind a period radiator cover.  On the balcony, we fitted plant lights to create a pleasing evening view.