Contemporary Fireplace Installation, Lansdown, Bath

This portfolio page describes a contemporary fireplace installation in Bath. We had researched and written about modern fireplaces because we wanted to offer our clients something different.  Then someone read our article.

Modern Fireplace Design

Our clients had spent much time living and working in continental Europe.  Architectural fireplaces are more readily available in Europe but our cleints had not found one in the UK.  They then spotted our article and loved this particular design.  Initially thinking of installing it in a corner, we persuaded them to make it a prominent feature of their open plan living room.

contemporary suspended fire

We had to construct a false chimney breast to support the appliance and also to accommodate the gas supply, flue and wiring. We worked out a suitable route for the flue which made use of some unused space in the room above.  We designed the layout for the room, engaged the fireplace installer and electrician.  We also worked with the clients on the simple idea of exchanging furniture from one end of the room to the other to complement their new colour scheme more appropriately.

Whilst we fitted a contemporary gas fireplace in this project, our suppliers also provided a photograph of a solid fuel version to show what that would look like (see the featured image).

We believe Nick is a man of ideas, and works well with clients. He is hard working, diligent and maintains good communications… He is totally reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Derek S, Lansdown, Bath