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Interior Design Fees

This section explains our interior design fees. We also provide a link to examples of how much people spend on their renovations.


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It is important to remember that our fees often pay for themselves. Our clients have remarked on the savings they made from our trade discounts and negotiations, as well as the time and effort we’ve saved them. In a recent home renovation we negotiated savings of over £17 000 on the construction elements alone.

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Interior Design Fees

Our interior design fees and project management services are explained below. Separately, you can read about home renovation costs using figures from real projects.

interior design and project management services

Stage 1 – initial consultation

The initial consultation is free.

Stage 2 – design stage

Our design fee starts at £650+VAT for a reception room or bedroom design. Kitchens and bathrooms start at £950+VAT. The actual price depends on the project’s complexity and location. We offer significant discounts for whole house designs.

The price for Stage 2 includes the new floorplan (with 3D visuals), electrical overlay, and initial proposals for fixtures, fittings, furnishing and finishes. It also includes a technical specification and budgetary estimate for the work.

Stage 3 – project management

We now offer 3 levels of project management to suit the needs of our clients.  The first is a full service; the second covers general support and attendance for clients managing their own project; the third is for clients who wish to take on the project management role themselves, but require a friendly voice on the phone for advice and support.

  1. Our full project management service carries a fee of 10-15% of the total implementation price. For this, we visit site several times a week, oversee work, arrange, organise and inspect delivery of supplied items, and provide advice and support as required.  As a guide, our clients spend between £8000 and £20 000 on a reception room or bedroom, between £12 000 and £25 000 on a bathroom and £15 000 to £60 000 on a kitchen.
  2. Our second level of service works out at around £110 + VAT per week and involves one site visit per week to check progress and plan the following week’s activities. Any time over and above this is charged at £60 + VAT per hour.  For a typical 4 month project, where the client is project managing themselves, that would amount to around £1760 + VAT.
  3. Our third level of service is based on a minimum retainer of £60 + VAT per week which covers 1 hour’s support for clients managing the project themselves; anything over and above that is charged at £60 + VAT per hour. For a typical 4 month project that would amount to around £960 + VAT.
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cost of home refurbishment

Whole house refurbishments are typically between £100 000 – £250 000 (although we have priced two recently in excess of £450 000).  For a flat or apartment this would be around £50 000, but everything is dependent on the number of rooms, extent of works and choice of fixtures and fittings.

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Style Within offers a total service. Compared to a high street retailer who might sell you a kitchen, we also design the heating, lighting, flooring, decoration, and associated building work to complete the job. A retailer may suggest a kitchen fitter to fit the units, but you would still need to find all the other trades;  by contrast, we co-ordinate all contractors and suppliers to completion.

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