Dining Rooms

You may think of formal dining rooms as a thing of the past, with modern living centring around a kitchen-diner. But there is still a place for a separate dining room – the key is to create a special dining space for you and your guests.

What follows is a selection of dining rooms and other areas that we have designed, decorated and furnished.

formal dining rooms may be losing popularity and we show how they compare with kitchen diners - here is a smart cameo, creating a dining area at the end of the kitchen

Dining Room decoration

Knock-through kitchen diners can be quite expensive.  It may be that you prefer to retain a separate dining room, but to decorate and furnish it with style.

For a more cosy environment, darker, warmer colours work well. Many standard British dining rooms are not particularly large, so remember that warmer colours will also make the space feel smaller.


traditional Edwardian dining room design

For a contemporary atmosphere, make the most of any natural light.

sun streams through on diner in Edwardian glass extension

Don’t be afraid to add colour to a dining room. Most of our designs have a neutral background but we punch through with jewel colours to lift the space. and add interest, whether through fabrics or art.

Colourful dining chairs

Dining room lighting

Perhaps the most important feature is dining room lighting.  We incorporate flexible lighting on several circuits to create the desired mood. For a more intimate atmosphere, softened lighting might be your choice. Most of our lighting designs can be dimmed.  Separately, we offer more general advice on home lighting.

dining room after decoration

Dining room tables and chairs

Dining rooms need to have space;  you don’t want to feel squashed in whilst trying to enjoy your meal. Or squeeze in and out around an over-sized dresser. We plan dining rooms very carefully;  our scale floorplans position all furniture making sure there is adequate circulatory space. The size of the dining table and space to slide the chairs in and out is very important. We’ve written separately on choosing a dining table.

traditional dining table and chairs

Similarly, we design and position storage in the new arrangement with plenty of room to pass and open the cupboard doors.

contemporary dresser

music while you dine

On occasions you’ll want music to accompany your meal. Strains of Stravinsky with your stroganoff, or a rhapsody from Ravel with your ravioli. We’ve installed many multi-room music systems for our clients, which they control simply from their smartphone or tablet.  We hide the equipment in an adjacent cabinet and even blend the speakers in with the wall.

new kitchen diner

 Open Plan kitchen Diners

An open-plan kitchen diner has the obvious advantage that hosts can entertain guests while they cook.  Children have more space to do homework while Mum and Dad are in the kitchen. In addition, the extra space, coupled with more natural light, is conducive to a healthy and happy home. The challenge for many British houses is that they were not built with this style living in mind. So we knock down walls and build extensions to create the space.

open plan diner in side return extension

Most of our projects see us designing and delivering everything required to create open-plan kitchen diners.

kitchen diner with purple glass splashback

We written some guidance notes on the cost of a kitchen diner.  You can also find more advice on our kitchen design page.

What to do with a old dining room?

If a new kitchen diner means that you don’t need your old dining room, you’ll want to use it for something else. It is too easy for old dining rooms to become wasted space.  In fact this is a great opportunity to give them new life. In the case below, we created a home office; in we turned it into a games room.

home office

dining rooms

We’ve had a look at some of our dining rooms and the features that make them successful.  Style Within has been creating interior designs and renovating homes for our clients for the past 12 years.  You can read our clients’ generous testimonials and if you can feel we can help with your renovation in Bath or Bristol, please find out more about our interior design services.