Wet Room Installation, Bath

This wet room installation accommodates both a bath and shower in a small bathroom without feeling claustrophobic.  We always recommend retaining a bath in a family home.

Wet Room Design

We designed the space to be a partial wet room with hinged glass screen to protect the basin, wc and most of the floor. Only the bath sits in the wet zone. The screen is folded flat against the wall when not in use, making this small bathroom feel very spacious.

wet room

An electric heating mat not only provides warmth underfoot, it also helps to dry the floor after showering.

Fitting a Wet Room

Being on a suspended floor, we screwed 18mm marine ply rigidly to the joists and fixed tile board to the walls. We stuck anti-fracture matting to the ply and tanked the wet areas. The shower tray sat in a recess with drain beneath and the contractor tiled the floor seamlessly across the room. We had considered an edge drain, but this would have created a wedge-shaped trip hazard in the floor.

We chose a concealed valve design for the shower with all fittings hidden but accessible through the valve plate. The rain shower drenches from above while the handset is useful for washing hair and for cleaning the space.

Modern Freestanding Bath and Suite

The freestanding bath is actually 1500mm long but, because of its thin section, the internal length is the same as a standard 1700mm bath. It is also wider than standard. We chose wall-mounted taps and bathroom suite to ease maintenance.

contemporary bathroom

Bathroom Lighting and Electrics

We designed the room with flexible lighting on 2 circuits.  There is a small LED light in the shower niche and a strip light above the WC. These provide low level lighting at night. Six recessed LED downlighters provide the main task lighting set roughly 900mm apart.

Electricians fitted the extractor in the loft space, exhausting through a lead slate in the roof. Siting the fan unit out of the space, makes its operation pleasingly quiet.

This family bathroom now has a very contemporary look;  it is warm, practical and easy to keep clean. Here is a quick journey through the project from start to finish: