Kitchen Splashbacks and Upstands

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new kitchen with blue glass splashbackgrey-kitchen-with-islandkitchen diner in bath

In this blog we provide general guidance on kitchen splashbacks and upstands. We draw on experience from over 14 years of designing kitchens, using a selection of our installations as examples.

kitchen splashbacks and upstands come in all colours; they are very easy to keep clean

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Above is a kitchen with an ice-blue glass kitchen splashback. The one below is brilliant white.  And yes, you can fit a glass splashback behind a gas hob.


Glass is easy to keep clean and looks fabulous, whether coloured, neutral or patterned. Fabricators will template the shape including cut-outs for the sockets and switches – leave at least 45 mm between adjacent fittings.

kitchen with purple splashback

You will pay a little more to have complicated shapes created from a single piece.  Any internal corners will need a small radius (which is why we decided to have the main run above made in 3 pieces).

new kitchen with blue glass splashback

With glass, you can have any colour you choose. If budget allows, you can also have your sockets and switches colour-matched to the glass.

colour matched socket

We are such fans that we’ve produced a separate blog on glass kitchen splashbacks.

kitchen diner in bath

Glass Splashbacks look best when fully fitted from worktop to wall units. However, there will be times (as in the case below) where there are no wall units. The important thing then is to keep the proportions correct. Sketch the elevation to scale on graph paper and experiment with different splashback heights. Remember that any socket cut outs require about 50mm of glass all round. Also look at images on the internet and see what looks right, and what doesn’t. We’ve seen designs that are far too high for the space, and look odd.


…and here’s a yellow one:

white gloss kitchen

Perspex splashbacks

As an alternative to glass, a range of perspex splashbacks has come on the market recently, which are cheaper and look great but are currently available in a relatively limited number of colours. These companies also provide an additional clear protective sheet for use behind a gas hob.

Stainless Steel splashbacks

noodle bar prep area

We’ve not yet designed a domestic kitchen with a stainless steel splashback but did so for this noodle bar in Bath. Stainless steel is very hygienic and easy to keep clean.

kitchen worktop Upstands

A cheaper option is to fit an upstand of the same material as the worktop – a quartz upstand is fitted in the image below, using glass only behind the hob. An upstand should be at least 100mm although some suppliers will fit smaller ones (70mm or so). They still suit the practical purpose of providing a surface against which you can wipe without wetting the wall. In any event, you will need a full height splashback behind the hob, whether glass or stainless steel.

small kitchen installation

Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks

Just avoid them. The grout gets grimy, discolours and looks grotty and unhygienic in a space where you prepare food. Always choose a product that is easy to wipe clean.

kitchen splashbacks and Upstands

We hope you’ve found this summary useful discussing the pros and cons of different kitchen splashbacks and upstands. We’ve been designing and installing kitchens for over 14 years;  each one is different, and each client has new ideas to share. We’ve witten a number of guidance documents and you may care to read our guide to kitchen renovations.

Kitchen design

Style Within designs and installs complete kitchens from early concepts through to delivery of the completed, furnished kitchen. This includes any extensions or other building work; we manage everything for you. If you think we may be able to help with your kitchen refurbishment in Bath or Bristol, we’d like to invite you to read more about our kitchen design service.

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