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We recently fitted a set of cube shelves in a teenager’s bedroom and were very impressed with their design.

cube shelves

Teenager’s Room Storage

Our clients wanted to spend a minimal sum on their son’s bedroom makeover. We initially suggested box shelving which provide storage with built-in “bookends”.  We’ve supplied similar as bespoke items previously but, given the budgetary constraints, we investigated the Ikea option – from the Eket range.

These cubes come in a stylish range of colours, and you can buy them in sets or individually.  We had a specific arrangement in mind, so purchased 4 separate items.  You can mount them on the floor or wall;  what you need to watch is that the floor mountings and fixings are supplied with the shelves; but you need to purchase the wall mountings separately (another trip to Bristol !).

cube shelves

35cm square, they come in two depths (35cm and 25cm) – because we were wall mounting and wanting to avoid excessive loading, we opted for the shallower depth.

shelf cubes

The kit comes flat-packed and the sections slot together – there is one labelled side which you need to start with – read the instructions! Then the back slots in nicely and the cube takes shape. The sides are a bit tough to slide together but with an extra weetabix for breakfast, you can slot them neatly in position.

Obviously, if fitting to a cavity wall, you will need cavity wall fixings, and there is a certain amount of adjustment possible after hanging. We took time to design a neat arrangement to scale on the wall. We then knew which measurements to make to ensure their alignment.  The result is both pleasing and practical; not bad for £15 a piece (including the brackets).

Other cube and box shelves

Over the years, we’ve designed and fitted box shelves for clients because of their practicality.  We have several in our own home.  It’s always reassuring to know that books and other items won’t slide off the ends. Whether bespoke or off-the shelf, they usually have invisible fixings so appear to be floating.

oak veneer box shelf

If you’d like to see more of our shelf designs and other furniture, you can read our page on bespoke furniture.


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