Decorating with Copper

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copper velvet on chairshower niche with lightCopper glass shower wall

Metallics offer a stylish alternative to your typical accent colour; decorating with copper is certainly luxurious but it doesn’t have to be ostentatious. Donald Trump might lavish his buildings with gold;  copper is far more understated, and goes beautifully with blues and greys.

copper shower wall

Copper Bathroom Tiles

Copper tiles add a distinctly glamorous feel to this bathroom. With copper leaf sandwiched between glass and acrylic, the tiles were a challenge to fit;  but we minimised the number of cuts by using whole tiles, knowing that any cut-outs would be hidden behind cover plates.

concealed shower valve

Copper works well with this grey colour scheme, whilst providing a backdrop to the quality chrome shower fittings.

Copper upholstery

To complement this grey scheme, we teamed copper velvet upholstery with glass black period chairs.

chair upholstered in copper velvet

Copper hints in a Mobile

To complete the decorative scheme for this hallway, we fashioned a mobile from metallic shapes with copper hints. A local workshop made the support for us, and we assembled and fitted the mobile beneath an accent light.

wall mobile

copper Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights are typically of a black, white or stainless steel finish, but copper lights really add interest to this decking.

lights on decking

Other Copper Features

It is quite trendy to see exposed copper water pipes around a living space in a more brutalist setting.  In a bathroom or kitchen, they may feed copper “taps” fashioned from more pipe with brass or wheel valves – creating a raw design from basic materials cheaply.

Manufacturers are grasping copper’s popularity by producing shower fittings, radiators, kitchen cabinet handles and more.

Next time you are thinking of spicing up your colours, decorating with copper accents might be the answer.

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