Wireless Light Switch

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If you want to fit a light in an awkward place without a lot of wall chasing and redecoration, a wireless light switch may be the answer. In fact, this “switch” is actually a radio transmitter;  a receiver in the wiring circuit actually switches power to the fitting.

light switch transmitter

You need to wire the light fitting to the lighting circuit, but the switch just sits on the wall.  It can also be fitted into a standard back box.  There’s no need to run a wire from the wireless light switch to the light fitting. And this particular switch doesn’t need a battery, either; just pressing it provides enough energy to power its radio-frequency transmitter. The receiver receives the signal and switches power on or off to the light fitting.

swoop and swivel recessed LED light

We actually fitted two wireless light switches in this particular application – one at the foot of the stairs and the other on the landing to create a 2-way configuration. Whilst the cost of the switches and receiver is more than standard switches, the saving on chasing and redecoration is considerable.

striped stair carpet to parquet hall floor

As mentioned, we found this solution particularly useful to connect a ceiling light at two ends of a staircase. We’ve also produced designs for accent lights on ceiling support structures.

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