Knocking Through An Interior Wall

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After structural wall removedkitchen with range cookergarden room in bath

It’s quite common to create more space in your home by knocking through an interior wall. You may simply want to combine two small rooms into one big room, or remove a barrier to open-plan living. Whatever your motive, you will create a much more satisfying and flexible space, but it will need to be well-planned before you start.

kitchen diner knocked through

Structural Engineers

Removing a structural wall will require some form of structural insertion to take the load above. This usually takes the form of a steel, but can be timber. For a simple job, an experienced builder should be able to work out the support required. We would always engage a structural engineer for anything remotely complex. He or she will specify the sizes of these structural members and provide you with peace of mind.

Planning to remove an interior wall

Don’t just do it and decide how to use the new space afterwards. Start with a scale floorplan of the proposed new space and work out where everything will go. Engage a structural engineer early in the process to point out what is possible – for instance, the new structural design may require vertical stanchions (see below) or nib walls that affect where you position furniture and radiators;  you don’t necessarily achieve a flat wall. Using a stanchion rather than a nib should reduce the projection into the room, opening up the space further, but will cost more overall.  A minimal nib wall can project 450mm into a room when plastered, whereas the stanchion may only be 200mm or so.  You can read more about this knock through kitchen project in our portfolio.

kitchen knocked through

In this project we wanted to open up the space as much as possible and minimise the protrusions, allowing light from the new French doors to flood in.

airy kitchen

Sometimes a larger nib wall is appropriate because it defines the end of a run of kitchen units, so you may choose to make it 640mm deep. We’ve written a separate piece on this kitchen extension project.

white kitchen

Structural Steels

If you want to read more, we written several blogs about inserting a structural steel; here we give advice on fitting steels within the floorspace above to create a perfectly flat ceiling.

Wall demolished before steel inserted

The remainder of this article gives examples of how we have knocked down interior walls to help clients transform the way they live.

Knocking through a living room

Before structural wall removed

In this project, our clients had a kitchen diner with adjacent sitting room-cum-office which was not being well used.  We worked with them to create a much larger space, replacing an existing steel with an even larger one! They now enjoy a wonderful space, big enough for large parties and string quartet recitals.

After structural wall removed

Knocking through a Bathroom

cloakroom before works                old shower                  knocking through wall

Our senior client wanted us to renovate her separate WC and shower-bathroom.  We showed her how she could enjoy a more convenient and low maintenance bathroom with separate bath and shower by removing the intervening wall.

tiled in freestanding bath

And here is the shower in the opposite corner, now all in one room and easy to clean.  Here, you can read more about this bathroom renovation.

painted glass shower enclosure

knocking through a kitchen

kitchen before renovation

Our client wanted to create an open plan kitchen diner so we designed the space which involved removing the intervening wall.  In the photo above, the wall that we removed runs from front to back on the right hand side.  Below is a side view, showing that we also removed the back door and replaced it with a window:

steel I beam for kitchen diner

Here is the finished result:

new kitchen units

And the diner opposite.  Here you can read more about this kitchen diner renovation.

new kitchen diner

Partition Walls

Of course, not every internal wall is structural and you may be able to remove the partition simply and cheaply.

breakfast room before knock through

In this property, a partition wall had been installed to create a kitchen space with separate breakfast room.  We worked with the clients to create a spectacular garden room with open-plan kitchen-diner.

garden room in bath

Removing interior walls

Removing an interior wall makes sense if you want to experience open-plan living. We’ve provided some indicative costs on our page of budgets for home improvements. All of our clients agree that it was the right thing for them to do. Many say that they wish they had done it sooner!

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