3D Visuals in Interior Design

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3D bedroom designLarge House - 3D visual3D room design and lighting scheme

If you are planning to invest in a new home or property renovation, it makes sense to see what it will look like before finalising the design.  We use 3D visuals to help our clients visualise internal and external features so they can modify them until they are happy.

3D visual Stone Extension

Software has developed markedly over the past few years, allowing us to add more realism to each scene.  The models are still quick to produce, but it is now much easier to add textures, colours and other features. We can now select real carpets, fabrics and tiles and insert them into the image.

3D dining room design

3D Lighting Effects

More realistic lighting effects now give our clients a much better understanding of the ambience we plan.  By selecting combinations of pendants, wall lights and spotlights, clients can see how the mood can change.

3D bathroom design

The range of models available has extended exponentially. Many of our suppliers have models of their products which we can insert into a room.  Years ago, we would have created a freestanding bath from several shapes; now we can pick up a contemporary design and incorporate it directly into the visual.  Of course, not all real products can be modelled, but something similar gives our clients a very good feel of how the space will look. We supplement this with catalogue references to show the actual products.

3D Room Layout

3D visual of speakeasy

Our clients like to see themselves living in the space, so we include people in the scene.  It gives a sense of perspective and a better understanding of how they can move around the space.

3D Visuals of New Builds

Architects and clients ask us to produce 3D visuals of new build homes to see what different options will look like.  We can change stone finishes and renders and apply different timber cladding and patio tiles. We move windows and sliding doors to optimise the space, making  sure that this works with the kitchen or dining area.

Large House - 3D visual

3D Images

If you think that a 3D image can help you to visualise your new home, please get in touch.  We’ll produce views from as many angles as you like, giving you a good sense of what your home will look like.

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