3D image of new build propertyground floor plan in 3d3D room design and lighting scheme

3D Architectural Visualisation

3D architectural visualisation is invaluable.  It helps you to communicate more effectively with designers, architects and contractors,  and assists in making key decisions. Few clients can interpret a 2D drawing, whereas a 3D visual is readily understood.

3D architectural visualisation

We offer a 3D architectural visualisation service to bring your home to life. This is standard for our regular clients, but we are happy to help others to see their properties in 3D. We produce models quickly and cheaply from existing, fully-dimensioned sketches or drawings from as little as £250.  We offer this service to homeowners as well as design professionals.

I Wanted to thank Nick at Style Within for his help in designing our new 5 bedroom modern house we are about to start building in Thailand, I gave him some basic concepts and he turned these in to 3D models.

Andrew and Vivi

We correspond by email, sending screenshots of 3D home visuals from as many angles as you need, interior and exterior. If you live near Bath we can fly you through the design on a laptop so you can see how each room works – as if the house was built already.

3d architectural visualisation

Our 3D service focuses on practical design. Our visuals are working documents to help our clients visualise their home. They are easy to modify so clients can evaluate changes quickly and simply.  We produce as many images as you like from all angles, internally and externally to inform your choices.

Home Design 3D Visual

3D Home Visuals

For new builds, extensions and conversions, 3D architectural visualisation is easier to understand than a 2D drawing. You can communicate more easily with your builder or architect and hold a meaningful discussion about features you’d like to improve.   If you want to consider options, we produce alternative layouts for you to compare side by side before choosing your favourite.

3D Model of Large Contemporary Home

3D home visuals versus 2D drawings

Most architects produce 2D drawings with only basic reference to furniture, fixtures and fittings.  Clients have difficulty picturing how a new property will look and feel from a 2D representation (see example below).  In particular, it is easy to overlook furniture size and location, door position, kitchen layout and other features, because the design focuses on the building itself. Conversely, we account for all factors that affect the space. We can then make changes easily to the basic model as requested by our clients.

3D home visuals show each space more clearly, giving you confidence that the design will work before committing to the build.  If you are unsure about a particular feature, we can move walls, re-size windows, and re-position furniture with a few mouse clicks. Much cheaper to do this on a computer than to modify a building once it has started.


We can also produce 2D plans and elevations from the same model as shown below.  Instantly, you can see how much easier it is to communicate around the 3D version above.  You can see the windows, the balconies, the steps, the solar shade and how they relate to your use of the space.  2D plans are still required for planning submissions and our model produces both.

floor plan

Total Design

Good home designers and architects will take your detailed brief.  Yet we still come across homes being designed without reference to preferred locations for a TV, sockets and lights, and no account of your actual sofa.  On the other hand, our philosophy is for total design. We create new spaces, inside and out, from the start. We design for specific furniture, home entertainment, speaker cables, home network, extractor vents and flues. We create interior and exterior views, which colleagues, clients, builders and planners understand.

3d home visual, rendered for planning approval

Our rendered 3D architectural visualisation shows buildings (including the grounds) as well as floors and single rooms, complete with furniture and colours. We create representations of fixtures and fittings so that you can start to visualise how they will work in your space.


Above is our representation of our client’s kitchen units, complete with gloss finish, months before project start – and below is the finished kitchen.  Our 3D home visuals are clearly close enough to reality at the fraction of the price of photorealistic rendered images.

ice blue kitchen units

We can also create a dolls house view of a home by slicing through the model.

dolls house view

and insert people so you get a feel for how you would fit in the space:

3D bedroom model

3D home visuals of exterior views

Clients also like to see what the home will look like externally.  As shown below, our 3D architectural visualisation is pretty accurate, helping clients to make decisions on materials and finishes.

3D image of new build property

Here is the building nearly completed:

new build house near Bath

Below is a pair of neighbouring extensions that we designed, submitted for planning approval, then delivered…


… and here is the finished project:


Electrical and Lighting Layouts

We can also superimpose an electrical and lighting overlay on each floor plan.  We advise on the opportunity for two-way light switches, ethernet ports adjacent to audio visual equipment, downlighters and freestanding lamps;  all before commitment to the final design.

kitchen electrical and lighting design

Lighting effects

Our more sophisticated models show illustrative lighting effects. We fit spotlights and central pendants to give different effects based on intensity, angle and fade.

3D bathroom design

Home Design

3D home visuals have proven to be very valuable for our clients.  If you engage our full interior design service, you would receive these as standard. At the same time we bring actual paint samples, fabrics, furniture and other products to show our clients to describe the total scheme. Here, we invite you to read more about our residential interior design and home renovation services.

Should you only require 3D home visuals to visualise your project, send us your fully-dimensioned sketches or architect’s drawings. We’ll produce a single model for you from £250+VAT.  As a guide, this base price would be for a single storey, 6 room property; we would generate exterior and interior views using representations of furniture to specified sizes.  More detailed models range from £250 to £950 + VAT.



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