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Bathroom Design

Our bathroom design philosophy focuses on practicality with style;   beautiful, high-end bathroom suites and showers, plenty of hidden storage, great lighting, and underfloor heating;  delightful, warm and cosy.

contemporary freestanding bath

Our service is all-embracing.  A high street bathroom retailer will sell you a bathroom suite, but you will have to sort out your heating, lighting, decoration, flooring, window dressing, building work and other fittings.  We design and manage everything.  It is easy to overlook these details when deciding on a new bathroom:  the bath, shower, basin, taps, and WC are obvious, but other bathroom features are important;  we make sure that everything is covered so that you know the total price of the finished bathroom from the start.

If you are doing this for yourself, there are some basic things you can do to make the project a success:

  • most importantly, clarify your requirement -what you need from your bathroom, including storage; what works and doesn’t work at the moment?  have you seen a beautiful design in a hotel?
  • research types and sizes of shower enclosures, sinks, WCs – might a small bath and wall-hung suite work for you?  visit showrooms, but remember that things will feel different in an open space.
  • produce a floorplan to scale – could your bathroom door open outwards to make more space?
  • produce an electrical and lighting overlay – is there enough light in the right place?
  • confirm your decorative scheme – tiles, paint, splashbacks;  obtain samples and create a mood board.
  • write down your specification based on the above.
  • obtain quotations from trades using your specification and drawings, making sure that they can do the whole job.
  • Ask the contractor before choosing, what other jobs would be necessary to fulfil the project – is your water pressure high enough?  would a rain shower work well?
  • Choose a contractor in whom you are confident and who you like – you will need to get on with them for several weeks.

Our service covers all of the above and more.

Bathroom Installation

The array of options is bewildering:  wall-mounted, close coupled, pedestal, no pedestal, half-pedestal.  We help you to decide what’s best for you, then design and specify every last detail, before delivering the completed bathroom.

wall mounted taps

Most of our bathroom designs include a niche with light to provide a warm glow at night, whilst storing soaps and shampoos in the shower area.  We avoid metal edge beads, preferring the look of a through-bodied tile.  Small details like the tile overlap on these edges are important to us, and our regular contractors understand this.

shower niche with light

As for the debate over bath or shower;  the basic answer is simple – if you have a family home, keep a bath (at least a small bath).  If your family has left home, they may return with grandchildren – who often need a bath.  When it comes to sell, young buyers look for a bath for their children.  We’ve managed to give clients the luxury of both, even in a small space. A small shower-bath with extended shower end is a great solution.

short shower bath

This wet room is squeezed into a small space just 2m x 1.8m;  we made it feel spacious by installing a hinged shower screen whilst providing ample space for an elegant freestanding bath.

new wet area  wet area with glass door

Most of our clients seek luxury.  To see more of our bathrooms, please click here.

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