Bathrooms and En Suites

We have designed and installed bathrooms and en suites for clients in and around Bath for the past 14 years. Our designs feature quality fittings, suites and finishes, and we include a selection below with ideas for your own bathroom renovation.

bathroom design

We work very closely with our clients, producing 3D visuals of the proposed space, together with samples of the planned fittings. Our bathroom designs cover everything;  lighting, flooring, storage, heating and decoration, including any remodelling and building work. We then engage our trades and suppliers to complete the installation.

luxury bathrooms and en suites including this wet room with rain shower and freestanding bathtub

Our bathroom is now not only aesthetically pleasing but ‘works’ – great lighting, storage and comfort. We would happily recommend Style Within for a hassle free project with great results.

Clare and Paul, Bathwick, Bath.

Bathroom planning

We would advise you to think ahead 10 years to decide the sort of bathroom you want.  If possible, you should retain a bath in a family home. If you want a shower as well, there are several ways this can work even in a small space. You can see one option in our wet room design.

new wet area

wall hung suites

For bathrooms and en-suites, we recommend a wall-hung basin and WC to keep the floor as clear as possible;  this gives the illusion of more space and is easier to clean. Similarly, wall mounted taps clear the decks for cleaning.

contemporary small bathroom

Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating frees up wall space and provides a welcome warmth underfoot. For a relatively small area, an electric underfloor heating mat or loose-wire system is a good choice; a loose wire system allows you to route the heating wires around obstructions, whereas a mat is largely set in its configuration. Both are set in resin to provide a flat surface for the floor finish.

Features for a shower

Think about practical issues for your shower:  a shower niche offers a neat space to store shampoos; a low profile or flush shower tray reduces the risk of tripping;  a quadrant shower economises on floorspace in a small bathroom.  If you want a rain shower, check that your water flow rate is adequate and that the drain can cope.

shower niche with light

glass basin splashbacks

We fit glass splashbacks for hand basins in bathrooms and en-suites;  there are several on show in the gallery. They are a little more expensive than tiles, but you avoid grout lines and they are very easy to keep clean.  You can have them in any colour you want, and some suppliers will also print images onto the glass.

glass basin splashback

Bathroom lighting

You should discuss lighting options with your electrician and look to install at least 2 circuits; one to give plenty of brightness for every day tasks with a second, low-level option for night time visits.

subtle bathroom lighting

Bathroom storage

Effective but unobtrusive storage is a must for a bathroom. Not only does it tidy away all your spare shampoo bottles and other detritus, it also allows you to “lose” pipes and wastes. The easy and cheap way of installing supplies and wastes is to run them on the surface or in obvious boxing. But this can be disguised. Chat to your installer about keeping good, clean lines. Be imaginative.

In the shower below, the short rear shower wall is actually a tiled partition with storage behind (you can just about see the hinge and cupboard knob). This hides all the shower pipework whilst providing substantial storage.

shower enclosure in bath

hiding pipes and wastes

In the bathroom below, the feature wall is actually a partition that you would hardly notice, concealing pipework for the bath.

bathroom design

diy bathroom design

If you are doing your own bathroom design, there are some basic things you can do to make the project a success:

  • most importantly, clarify your requirement – what do you need from your bathroom, including storage?
  • write down what does and doesn’t work at the moment.
  • make a montage of bathroom designs that appeal to you.
  • research types and sizes of shower enclosures, sinks, WCs.
  • visit showrooms, but remember that things will feel different in an open space.
  • produce a floorplan to scale – could your bathroom door open outwards to make more space?
  • produce an electrical and lighting overlay – is there enough light in the right place?
  • confirm your decorative scheme – tiles, paint, splashbacks;  obtain samples and create a mood board.

Having written your specification based on the above, you should then write a speification.

  • obtain quotations from trades using your specification and drawings, making sure that they can do the whole job.
  • ask the contractor to check that your water pressure is sufficient for a rain shower to work well.
  • choose a contractor in whom you are confident and who you like – you will need to get on with them for several weeks.

small bathrooms

Not everyone has the luxury of space so we’ve written a separate page on small bathrooms.

large freestanding bath

electric showers

Not every property has the luxury of a gas or oil supply, so electric heating may be the only reliable option. When you think of an electric shower, you conjure up an image of a basic white box on the wall with scalding or cold water dribbling out at low pressure. However, designs have moved on and for a little more money you can find some fantastic models. Below we used this slate finished unit with chrome knobs teamed with the graphite tiles in this 70’s apartment.

walk-in electric shower

Bathrooms and en suites

We have designed and installed bathrooms and en suites in Bath for over 14 years and are happy to share our experience. We hope you’ve seen some ideas here to inspire your own bathroom refurbishment. In essence we do everything for our clients from initial design through to final completion. If you think you may need some help with your project, please read more about our bathroom design service.

copper leaf glass tiles