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Lighting sets the mood for a space, so it is important to get it right. Just think how film directors, shops and hotels use light; they use it to inspire (or depress!). Lighting forms a key part of our interior design process and we supply lights (luminaires) for all of our projects.

Lighting design forms a key part of our interior design service

Lighting Design

To plan the lighting for one of our decorative schemes, first we produce the floorplan to scale, then superimpose an electrical and lighting overlay. This positions each light correctly relative to the other features of the room. We then specify each lighting type along with the switches and circuits. Separately you can read our guidance on home electrical design.

Decorative lighting

For this supply page, we refer predominantly to decorative lighting – table and floor-standing lamps, wall lights and some exclusive shades. Whilst we specify and supply functional lighting as part of an interior design, such as recessed LED downlighters, we would usually leave that to the electrician.

Table Lamps

We introduce our clients to table lamps and lights that are not found readily on the high street. We have accounts with some of the elite lighting suppliers in the UK, and regularly review what’s new on the market. Look at this fantastic architectural table lamp – it’s not cheap but is a feature in itself.

large architectural lamp

Or this silvered eglomise table lamp, taking pride of place on the sideboard…

large silvered table lamp on sideboard


The effect of the lighting pattern is important whether you are considering a standard light fitting or a decorative light. Opaque shades will allow light to shine in cones above and below (see photo), with spectacular patterns thrown on adjacent walls. Translucent shades will do similar but will permit some light to permeate through the sides.

opaque lampshades cast exciting light patterns on the walls.

You can also introduce colour and accent through your choice of lampshade like this hot pink shade with a black stand:

hot pink lampshade in redecorated hall

and this orange accent for a kitchen diner:

orange accent lamp shades for these pendant lights

Floorstanding lamps

Elegant and practical, floorstanding lamps provide light over your shoulder when reading in an armchair.

classic chaise with floorstanding lamp

They also provide a glow at a different height to a table lamp, making the overall room view interesting. Try to avoid too much symmetry. Asymmetry can be a real feature in itself.

traditional dining room

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are common in UK households but, when used alone, a central pendant sends out a flat, depressing light. They are fine when you just want to put on a light in a room, but they are not of themselves, a good light. We tend to design them in clusters or with interesting features, as in this dining room below. These are dimmable and also very effective when used in conjunction with the other lights, each on a separate switch for flexibility.

ceiling pendant lights in clusters


Chandeliers don’t need to be ostentatious or expensive. They feature in many of our designs and come in a range of designs:

dining room chandelier

Or here – a glamorous, baroque style chandelier in black:

Black Bedroom Chandelier

Globe chandeliers are particularly useful in a hallway. They don’t hang down too far, so you won’t hit your head on them, and they surround the lamp (bulb) so you avoid being blinded when coming down the stairs.

ball chandelier

The colour (temperature) of each light is also important – LED lamps (bulbs) now come in a range of colours so you can achieve a warm white feel similar to the incandescent lamps of the past.  During our design process we advise and suggest suitable lights for various points around each room, and supply these as part of a refurbishment.

Wall Lights

Wall lights provide interest to an otherwise dull expanse of wall. We supply decorative walls lights, but also paintable ceramic wall lights that we paint he same colour as the wall. In this case, it is the effect of the light that is important – not the light fitting itself.

paintable ceramic wall light

and here are some in situ on the far wall of this bathroom, creating a dramatic glow n the walls.

bathroom installation

As for decorative wall lights, we prefer style to glamour.  Here is an understated design with silk black half shade:

hallway focal point

Cantilevered Lights

Some areas are difficult to light such as beneath a glass ceiling.  One solution is to fit cantilevered lights which project from the nearest wall. These lights come wth different reaches, longer ones requiring an additional stay – but they still look very elegant.

cantilevered lights over the dining table in glass conservatory

Indeed, in combination with other lights, the space can look stunning at night:

cantilevered lighting in glass extension.

feature lighting

In addition to decorative lighting, we supply feature lights to pick out exciting features of a room. Here we pick out this painting over the freestanding bath with a ceiling light, and the bath itself with a pair of uplighters recessed into the floor.

picture light picking out painting over bath; note also bath uplighters in floor

Below, a plinth light makes this kitchen island appear to float.

plinth light makes this kitchen island appear to float.

Low level lighting provides a soothing ambiance; below you can see how we use the niche light in conjunction with other subtle lighting for night time visits to this bathroom.

niche lighting for this shampoo storage

and here are some step lights to a cellar:

step lights leading to a cellar

Alcove lighting

A further development of feature lighting is to illuminate your alcoves.  Here we design bespoke alcove units with built-in lights:

Alcove lighting as part of these bespoke alcove units

Below we designed and supplied this wall unit with built-in TV, again with integrated LED strip-lights

TV in bespoke wall unit with integrated LED strip lighting

Outdoor lighting

We supply lighting solutions for outdoors whether for plants:

outdoor plant lighting

decking and patios:

deck lighting

or for buildings (sorry about the photo quality – it does look fantastic in real life!)

Exterior House Lighting


This page has shown a selection of lighting solutions that we supply. Every design is different and hopefully you have seen different lighting lifts a room in different ways. If we can be of help, you can read more about our interior design services.

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