Concealed Shower Fittings

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If you want to install concealed shower fittings but only have a single skin wall to work with, you may find that a shallow partition solves your problem.

shower bath partition

In this example, the end wall actually runs at an angle, but we squared up the space with this shaped partition. We made it deep enough to provide extra side storage as well as to conceal the shower and bath pipework.  It also provides a useful shampoo niche and light.

concealed shower

If you don’t need the extra storage, a 80-100mm deep partition will suffice. In the case below, we were fitting a Hansgrohe Ibox for the valve mixer, so 100mm was required.

In the example above, the partition was clad in glazed copper leaf tiles.

Bathroom feature wall

For the renovation below, a similar partition conceals supplies to wall mounted taps. We then turned the partition into a feature wall.  Look at the edge and you’ll see how shallow the partition can be.

bathroom partition

Bathroom Storage

It is surprising how much you can store in narrow side shelves. The width should be sufficient for a toilet roll, with enough clearance between shelves for shampoo bottles. Floor to ceiling, that’s a lot of storage.

concealed shower storage

Shower Shampoo Niche

The niche is a very neat solution for easy access to soaps and shampoos at the right height. We incorporate a LED marker spot for effect, which doubles as a low level light on its own switch for night-time visits.

partition shampoo niche

Hidden Bathroom Storage

If you have enough depth, you can add doors to the storage to hide away your detritus. Remember that doors need structure for the hinges so will only work well if you have sufficient room to play with.  If not, open shelves are fine, as in the earlier example;  just tidy up when you have guests.


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