Property Refurbishment, Bath

For this property refurbishment, our client was moving to Bath from London and wanted to settle in his Victorian house which had been rented out for years.

I was very pleased with the work … I can certainly recommend Nick to others with confidence.

Roger W, Oldfield Park, Bath

Property refurbishment or conversion?

Initially our client asked us to estimate the cost of converting the cellar. We showed him our own basement conversion to give him some ideas. However, when we visited his property, we pointed out other tasks in need of more urgent attention. After years of rented use, the house was showing signs of neglect.

property refurbishment wth striped bedroom carpet

The wiring was in a bad state as was the exterior joinery and general decor. The bathroom was poorly laid out – someone thought it a good idea to install an enormous wardrobe in the bathroom! There was also a separate tiny shower room on the same floor, which was difficult to access. Additionally, our client wanted to remodel the attic space to create a self-contained room for a lodger.

The house needed a great deal of work and, given the budget, our client decided to defer the basement conversion, and spend on these other features.

property Refurbishment – exterior work

Our regular electricians re-wired the house completely and contractors replaced high level joinery with maintenance free products. They also replaced the rotting dormer timbers with very realistic wood-effect UPVC cladding. This immediately lifted the facade.

maintenance-free wood effect dormer cladding

A stonemason rebuilt the side wall and pillar, and the house started to look fresh and tidy. Budget didn’t allow us to replace the ugly uPVC front door, but hopefully this will be changed in the coming years.

Living Room Interior Design

We redecorated the living room completely, creating a contemporary scheme with engineered oak overlay flooring. We fitted a new Victorian style gas fire with limestone surround flanked by illuminated alcove units. With pleated blinds giving a modern edge to the design, new radiators in the bay freed up space elsewhere for furniture. There had been a trecherous laminate floor previously fitted over the floorboards, so it was great to fit the fantastic oak alternative.

living room after renovation and decoration

We housed the audio visual equipment in the left hand alcove unit, nicely hidden away with magic eye operation. Our design of bifold cabinet doors allows them to slide to one side only, making access easy.

audio visual and hi fi equipment installed in alcove unit. If you look carefully, you can see the magic eye repeaters in place.

Hall and Stairs Decoration

We extended the oak floorboards seamlessly into the hall. To get around the odd shaped landings, we decided on some stylish runners to fit the angular configuration.

carpet runner on landing

Decorators repainted the stairs and spindles with the handrail finished in natural pine.  Our fitters extended the neutral carpet runner to the landings as described above and this now provides a much more welcoming first impression for visitors.

decorated hall and stairway with carpet stair runner after decoration

Attic Room Design

Our client wanted the fleibility to accommodate a lodger so we looked at how best to divide up the attic.  We worked out that a self-contained flat would suit the space. We installed a kitchenette, and partitioned off a suitable space for a shower room. We also built in substantial storage and installed internet and TV cables.

attic room with en-suite

Bathroom Design

We mentioned how the bathroom was poorly laid out with a central bath and large wardrobe. We transformed this to a hotel chic family space with large freestanding bath and separate shower. It now has plenty of light and storage, and is much easier to keep clean.

large corner shower enclosure with curved sliding door

We turned the former shower room into a small home office with hub for the home’s ethernet. Our suppliers installed cable TV along with multi-room music capability.

Bedroom design

We carpeted and redecorated all the bedrooms. We love the striped carpet for the master bedroom. Our suppliers had some offcuts which were sufficient to cover the back bedroom and home office.

bedroom with striped carpet and blue blinds

Here our fitters installed pleated blinds in blackout fabric for a contemporary look, fitting neatly into the bay windows. These particular blinds pull up tight to allow great views through the windows.

bedroom with teal pleated blinds

Property Refurbishment in Bath

Our client now has a super home in Bath, with a self contained flat to take in a lodger. here is a summary of the journey through the project:


If you are looking for ideas for your own property refurbishment in Bath or Bristol, you may care to visit our portfolio. There you’ll find our renovations including a glass extension to an Edwardian terrace, a kitchen renovation with garden room in a Victorian house, a modern kitchen renovation in an Edwardian house, and many others.  If you feel you’d like us to help with your property refurbishment, please get in touch.