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Property Renovation

As a specialist property renovation company in Bath, we remodel and furnish interiors, design extensions, and refurbish homes. From initial concepts through to completion, you only need to deal with us. Whether a single room, a kitchen, a bathroom, or if you have a whole house to renovate, we offer the complete service from design to delivery. If you’d like to discuss your project, please call 07711 857670, or use our contact page.

our principal service is property renovation in Bath and Bristol

home Renovation

First we help you to confirm your brief. Then we create designs and orchestrate everything to complete the work. For more extensive projects, we submit planning and building control applications, and organise Party Wall agreements. We write the technical specification and statement of work, then run a competitive tender.  With the contractor selected, we arrange the contract, facilitate the project, and oversee progress against schedule and quality requirements. To see the full range of our services we would invite you to read this home renovation case study.

property renovation in Bath

Cost of Property Renovation

You’ll find professional practices that don’t take account of your budget. They create beautiful designs with extensive glazing and wonderful extensions, which turn out to be unaffordable. Why pay an organisation to design something you can’t afford? Our designs are matched to your budget. We show options with different prices, but you decide how best to spend your money.

A kitchen shop on the high street will give you a quotation for a new kitchen. But what about the lighting, heating, flooring, decoration, or any building work? Our job is to help you understand the full extent of the project, and the associated cost.

Early in our process, we assess prices against concepts to see which will suit your needs.  We then mature the preferred option, validating it continuously against the budget. Because the cost of building work takes many clients by surprise, we’ve published a separate page on the total cost of home renovation. This should help you to set a more realistic expectation.

kitchen diner in bath

Local Trades and Building Contractors

We work with local building contractors to carry out the work;  we then supply and install fixtures and fittings including soft furnishings to complete the scheme. If any bespoke storage or furniture is required, we design and supply that too.

living room

Home 3D Modelling and Visuals

We produce 3D visuals to help our clients see what their new home will look and feel like.  Clients clearly value the chance to see proposed changes in 3D; it really helps them to confirm what they want (or don’t want), and to communicate their requiremente more effectively. Below are some examples, and you can read more in our piece on 3D architecture.


Above is a home we designed for a client in Thailand. With our scale 3D models we were able to send him interior and exterior views, and zoom in on specific rooms and features from all angles. This particular client is using our visuals to obtain quotations for the work.


Above is our design for a pair of neighbouring extensions.  Below is the finished result for this joint property renovation.

property renovation - side return extensions

Our 3D models provide perspective views of each proposed property renovation as well as floors and single rooms.

Home Design 3D Visual

Our models are quick and cheap to produce. We include them as standard for clients who engage our full service. Produced to scale, they are remarkably accurate and look great. Below, we zoomed in on this new build kitchen …


and here is the finished kitchen (note the reflective gloss finish reproduced in the visual above).

ice blue kitchen units

Other Guides

We offer further advice for successful property renovation in our various guides; here are some links.

glass side extension to Edwardian end of terrace

We provide a selection of our refurbishment projects in our portfolio.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas in more detail, please get in touch using the contact information on this page.



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