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Property Renovation Cost

If you want to know the cost of doing up your home, we’ve provided links below to a selection of guidance figures from over 12 years of renovating properties.


Property Renovation and Interior Design Services

We’ve designed and delivered many home refurbishments over the years from single rooms to whole houses; from largely furnished to almost derelict.  You can find out more about our property renovation and interior design services by clicking here.

We’ve also produced a guide on how to renovate a property so that the cost is well-controlled – this can be found by clicking here.  We’ve produced similar guides with practical steps for designing kitchens (here) and bathrooms (here). We hope you find all these documents useful.

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Property Renovation Costs

By clicking on the following links, you’ll find prices from real activities, projects and estimates gathered over the past 12 years. Obviously every situation is different, and will be different again for your refurbishment, but the figures should give you a guide.  They are for tasks carried out in the Bath-Bristol area, so there will be regional variation.  Older figures have been uplifted to Jan 2016 equivalents assuming an average annual inflation rate of 3.5%.


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Total Cost of Home Renovation

You should know how much it would cost to do up a home before committing to any major expense. TV make-over programmes leave the impression that jobs can be done quickly and cheaply.  Watch out! One of the problems we’ve found is that people generally have little understanding of the cost of things.

A recent client had an offer accepted on a property with a cost in mind to renovate the house.  He believed that the purchase price plus cost of renovation would still leave him with a home valued at greater than the investment, once the improvements were implemented.  He then enquired about our service to design and carry out the work. Seeing the budget he had in mind for his proposed renovations, we decided to spend some time checking this out before we went too far.  Using our database and general experience, we were able to show that the cost of renovation would be about £150 000 above the estimate.  Our client decided to withdraw his offer.  Obviously he was grateful to us for establishing the true cost bhe committed further (and we lost a potential £35 000 commission as a result!)

A “new kitchen” is  good example for showing how figures can be deceptive.  A showroom will tell you the price of the “kitchen”. But they won’t know your total cost – the building work, the plumbing, the joinery, the electrics, the decoration, the flooring and so on.  You might get excited by the prospect of a £10 000 kitchen, only to realise that it will cost another £15 000 to install it as you would really like.  We have maintained a large database of real costs from our renovations over the years from a variety of suppliers and contractors to give a good range of total costs for typical tasks. We hope this helps you to set a realistic budget for your project from start to finish.

One of our clients carried out a cost comparison of renovating his house in Bath against moving home;  we helped him to calculate the overall saving he would make by staying in Bath as opposed to purchasing a similar property elsewhere, given the extensive fees that a house move entails.

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Cost Breakdown for Home Renovation

Use our figures in the links above for guidance, but also use the headings in the guides as a checklist.  Then you will be confident of having covered everything for your project.  When we calculate budgetary estimates for our clients we use our extensive lists for all activities, fittings and furnishings for every room in the house, including the exterior and grounds.  These then produces the complete cost picture.

Property Renovation Cost Estimating Service

Because some people need support with this, we do provide a property renovation cost estimating service.  This might be important if you are looking to buy or sell a property in Bath or Bristol, or simply want to budget for home improvements.

If you would like us to do this for you, we would provide a guide price based on your proposed renovation, along with any recommendations that we consider appropriate. Typically this service would cost £250+VAT for a typical UK 3 bedroom property. We would be glad to offset part of this against any follow on work to carry out a design and implementation project as described further here.

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